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Executive Senior Leader
Global Software Technology Corporation

“As an executive, I have had the opportunity to get access to programs such as coaching and mentoring and definitively Katherine stands out for her ability to help you to generate disruptive ideas and turn them into an action plan. Even better, those actions were kind of prototypes that I was encouraged to test and improve. I truly enjoyed the feeling of having had a design working session that brought tangible results. 
Among the great skills and qualities that I found in Katherine’s coaching style, I’d like to highlight her great ability to: help you get out of comfort zones, bring different rich perspectives based on her long experience coaching executives, ask the right questions to nurture great discussions while being focused on getting tangible outcomes.  
Katherine is also funny, very intuitive and empathetic.” 

Head of Retail
Beauty & Cosmetics Global Corporation

“I had the pleasure of working with Katherine as my Executive Coach.  With her wealth of knowledge and corporate experience, she was able to share her wisdom and guide me on how to interpret my leadership profile, and to inspire deeper thought on engaging and putting to action my aspirations with my current team. Katherine is someone who is very easy to connect with, and she is a joy to work with. I highly recommend Katherine for her coaching and advisory expertise.” 

Senior Director
Global FP&A and Investor Relations
Global Commercial Real Estate Firm

“I had the opportunity to work with Katherine Rowley and was able to develop a connection with her immediately.  She is extremely engaging; connecting and translating what we discussed in the course into a personalized conversation on a range of topics.  She helped me digest feedback I received from an intensive 360 evaluation and DISC personality assessment process, choose leadership goals to focus on based on that feedback, and then apply it to real world situations.  For example, at the time I was evaluating a career opportunity that Katherine helped me think through with context from what we learned within the leadership program.  The guidance I received from her was critical in taking that next important step in my career, and I am very grateful.  Katherine took a genuine interest in me and would remember key details from prior conversations that showed this.  Her personal touch and relatability were what set her apart from other coaches / mentors I have worked with in the past.
I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone that has the opportunity to work with her.  I look forward to staying connected with her in the future and to continue to learn from the knowledge and experience she has to offer.”

Global Pharmaceutical Firm

“Katherine was an exceptional Executive Coach!  She did a phenomenal job of getting to the core of coaching principles and helped to reinforce areas of opportunity for me. The coaching she provided has had tremendous impact on my career already, helping to contribute to my most recent promotion. I can’t thank Katherine enough for all of her help and support and for her taking a continued interest in myself and career by staying in touch!” 

Senior VP
Global Car Manufacturer Corporation

“Katherine is an amazing professional! She is an excellent listener and helped me a lot by making me reflect about my leadership skills and giving me an outstanding career guidance.
I was able to turn my weaknesses into something really great.  It has been a work in progress since then, but she played an important role by guiding and helping me see that I have much more to offer in terms of skills and capabilities than I thought I had.”

Senior VP
Global Management Consulting Firm

“I have had the pleasure of working with Katherine in the capacity of my 1:1 Coach through an Executive leadership program at HBS.  Katherine was incredibly thoughtful in her approach and always came prepared to our meetings with a remarkable attention to detail.  What I liked best was that she was willing to pivot away from any planned content and talk about and focus on the things I cared about most. For example, we were discussing a leadership methodology around goal setting and I did not feel it was particularly relevant for me at that moment in time. I wanted to pull from her experience as a leader and gain her thoughts and insights on developing some of my weaknesses and identifying the plusses I should double down on. 

It is clear she would make an amazing addition to any leadership team. Smart, great listener, genuine, with a bias for action - Katherine was a great coach and I would highly recommend her. “

Global Financial Technology Firm

“I was delighted to have the chance to work with Ms. Rowley during my executive leadership program at HBS.  The engagement that we had was not only enlightening and fun but also allowed me to become more aware of my many decisions/actions and how those should (be adjusted to) shape my professional future.

During my journey of self-awareness, Ms. Rowley was kind enough to pay attention to every little detail about my concerns and expectations. In addition to that, she had the sensibility to raise the right questions rather than trying to push ordinary answers.  Being coached by her was a pleasant journey, from which I could come out more aware of my aims, limitations, and potential for doing what is ultimately my goal.

I would recommend her work for any decision-makers who are willing to further assess their choices and improve themselves within their respective organizations.”

Senior Project Manager
Oil & Gas Industry

“I absolutely loved working with Katherine. It was easy to open up to her and trust her immediately. She knew my hopes and desires very well by the end of our first session and gave me very solid guidance on how to progress and gain visibility in my organization that I’m continuously trying to work with.”

Senior Vice President
International Bank

“I was introduced to Katherine through an executive education program at HBS and initially thought it would be hard to open up about my career goals and development plan in a very minimal number of sessions, but Katherine built a good relationship in the first call and created a comfortable atmosphere which made it easier for me to communicate and open up.  She encouraged me to focus on one goal as I had my mind on others as well. She facilitated my choosing the leadership goal that would be the most helpful for my career.  She helped me sort out my ideas and focus on accomplishing my goal. Having follow up sessions made me invest more of my time towards achieving said goal.

She was actively listening to me and recognizing the positive changes in my development plan, and at the same time, she was advising me whenever she saw necessary. In the second/third session she also assessed my future goal, questioned and challenged me in identifying what would be the hindrances in achieving my long term goal.

Of course, a change requires time, and I am continuing to work on the goals I formulated with Katherine and I can see the positive impact it has had on me personally and professionally.”

Executive VP
Global Health Institute

“I worked with Katherine over a period of 4 months, as part of an executive leadership program at HBS. Connecting with her as my Executive Coach was one of the most valuable parts of the program!  Katherine helped me identify my core values and understand how those values can sometimes conflict with an organization’s goals and/or culture. This helped me reframe some of my challenges so that I could find ways to get around roadblocks, while remaining authentic. Her certification in the DISC personality behavior assessment provided a great lens to better understand some of my blind spots when it comes to leading and motivating others. Finally, Katherine also helped me work through some of my personal struggles about balancing my strong desires to have a fulfilling career and also to be a mother who is present for her children.


In the short month since my coaching time with Katherine ended, I have seen a number of successes: stalled projects are suddenly moving forward; people within the organization are reaching out for advice and my opinions. There is still lots of hard work ahead to keep improving and now I have a better sense of where I should focus my efforts. Most importantly, as a result of working with Katherine, I am much happier and more confident about my career and my personal journey.”


Deputy Director
US Government/Washington DC

“Over the course of several months, Katherine facilitated the formulation of an attainable goal that would help me become a better leader and advance to the next level in my career.  She was also instrumental in guiding me to the appropriate steps for achieving this goal. Katherine is a realistic, open-minded, personable coach who is a fantastic listener. She was able to quickly identify the cause of challenges through casual conversation and readily discuss mitigation options.  Katherine’s tutelage has been an asset in helping me grow as a leader and a person.


While initially hitting some road bumps to achieving my goal, Katherine was patient, nonjudgmental and helped to steer me back on course while ensuring I maintained a positive outlook. Her unbiased view of my work circumstances and thoughtful questions opened my mind to other perspectives and guided my action plan for success.  With Katherine on my team, I am confident I will achieve my goal and have a strong foundation to help achieve future goals. I highly recommend Katherine to anyone who wants to better themselves, develop professionally, or overcome a specific professional challenge.”

Senior Project Manager
Healthcare Company

“Katherine Rowley has been instrumental in helping me introspect my professional and personal life and routine and develop my strengths, leadership goals, and areas of improvement. As a result, I can completely trust her and share my mind and fears. As a result, my confidence levels increased after every session, and I have identified my leadership style with a clear vision and goal for the next accomplishment. 

Katherine listens actively and helps us bring out our goals and aspirations buried under the day-to-day stress and unnecessary fears.

I strongly recommend Katherine Rowley as a coach to anyone who needs help in becoming more confident and clear in their vision and has a thirst to taste success.”  

International Law Firm, Germany

“I have been fortunate to have Katherine as my Executive Coach as part of an executive leadership program at HBS.  


Over the course of several months, I learned a lot from Katherine and she helped me to get ready in my mind, and even more importantly, in my heart, to successfully make one of my biggest career transitions and soon embark on the next stage in my life and career.


With her unique coaching style, her skillful ability to ask the right questions to elicit deep self-reflection which ultimately lead to positive change, and her ability to build trust, she is a wonderful coach who can help you prepare for and achieve your goals.


I find Katherine very professional, empathetic, and most importantly, trustworthy, which are the values I look for in an Executive Coach.  I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Katherine and have enjoyed all the coaching sessions we’ve had over the past couple of months and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Kerry Aglugub
Founder, Digital Marketing Agency

I've had the extreme good fortune of working with Katherine for executive coaching.  As a busy business owner and entrepreneur, it's difficult to find the time to set goals, reflect on my leadership skills and see the big picture.  Katherine helped me understand my leadership profile and identify areas to target to make sure I'm bringing intention to my work every day.


I found Katherine to be a great listener, incredibly insightful, and genuinely invested in guiding me down a path that I create for my business.  This is where her experience and skill as an executive coach shine. I would highly recommend Katherine Rowley and Beetlerock Advisors to anyone looking for a trusted partner to elevate their leadership skills and bring them to the next level.

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